In Which Region of Kazakhstan is Car Maintenance Most Expensive

The prices of spare parts and accessories have seen the most significant increase in Astana.

25/07/2023 - 22:22
Source: Public Sources
Source: Public Sources

According to data from the first half of 2023, the volume of services related to the technical maintenance and repair of automobiles in Kazakhstan reached 83.1 billion tenge, marking a substantial 40.7% increase compared to the previous year. This information is reported by, referencing Energyprom.

When considering the data by regions, 39.6% of all technical maintenance services were provided in Almaty, amounting to 32.9 billion tenge, an impressive 56.5% increase from the first half of the previous year. Other prominent contributors included Astana (9.9 billion tenge, +31.9%), Atyrau Region (6.4 billion tenge, +33.5%), Karaganda Region (4.1 billion tenge, +65%), and East Kazakhstan Region (3.9 billion tenge, +24.3%).

In June of the current year, the cost of maintaining personal vehicles increased by 15.7% compared to the previous year.

The most substantial price growth was observed in Aktobe Region (20.7%), East Kazakhstan Region (20.3%), and North Kazakhstan Region (19.7%), while the least noticeable increase was recorded in Ulytau Region (8.1%).

Prices for spare parts and accessories experienced the most significant surge in Astana (34.2%), whereas the least noticeable increase was noted in Zhetysu Region (1.4%).

Fuel and lubricant materials saw the most considerable price rise in North Kazakhstan Region (20.5%), with the lowest price growth observed in Ulytau Region (8.1%).

The highest annual price increase for technical maintenance and repair services was observed in Aktobe Region (72.6%), while the lowest was recorded in Shymkent (0.8%).

Among spare parts and accessories for personal vehicles, tires for passenger cars increased in price by an average of 18.2% over the year, and oil filters rose by 13.4%.

Regarding fuel and lubricant materials, gasoline prices increased by 12%, diesel fuel by 36.1%, and engine oil by 22.9%.

In the services sector, technical inspections rose by 8.9%, tire mounting services by 12.4%, and car wash services by 22.2%.



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