Today Civil Wars and Conflicts

Currently, despite calls for peaceful coexistence, numerous conflicts of varying intensities still persist on our planet. 

01/07/2023 - 16:32

Currently, despite calls for peaceful coexistence, numerous conflicts of varying intensities still persist on our planet. Some of these conflicts have endured for decades, inflicting a staggering number of casualties, yet remaining largely unnoticed by the wider world. A correspondent for has diligently compiled an overview of select conflicts, shedding light on their gravitas and impact.

Sudan Civil War

A civil war has erupted in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan on 15th of April of this year, marking the culmination of weeks of built-up tension between General Abdel Fattah Burhan, the commander of the national army, and General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, better known as Hemetti, the head of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF). In recent months, military and civilian leaders have been engaged in negotiations for a transition of power. However, long-standing tensions between the two generals came to a head amidst demands for the dissolution of the RSF and its integration into the army. The conflict persists to this day, with major hostilities concentrated near the Sudanese capital, Khartoum.

Drug War in Mexico

The war between the drug cartels and the Mexican government had long been a smoldering conflict until President Felipe Calderón deployed the army four years ago. Since then, the war has claimed the lives of 35,000 people, with 5,000 deaths recorded in 2023 alone. The most high-profile episode of the conflict occurred when cartel gangs launched an attack on the Culiacán airport following the arrest of the cartel's leader, Silanoa, resulting in the deployment of heavy weaponry by both sides.

Yemen Civil War

The war in Yemen began in the year 2015, when Irani-backed Houthi rebels, launched attacks on government forces and captured the capital city of Sana'a. This stirred up an armed conflict between the Houthis and government forces, supported by a coalition of countries led by Saudi Arabia. The war in Yemen has wide-ranging geopolitical consequences, as it has become a stand-off battleground for the rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran, as well as, having an effect on the interests of other regional and international players.

Religious Clashes in Nigeria

The deadly conflict between Nigeria and the Islamist group "Boko Haram" has been ongoing for 14 years. "Boko Haram"- is an radical Islamist group opposing Western education, science, and culture, and advocating for the implementation of Sharia Law. The conflict primarily takes place in the northern regions of Nigeria, where the majority of the population is predominantly Muslim. “Boko Haram” are notorious for their kidnappings, attacks on religious sites, and acts of terrorism.

Translated by: Abylay Aubakirov



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