Safeguarding the Health of Military Personnel for 46 years: How does the Taraz Military Hospital Operate?

Recently, the military hospital in the city of Taraz has celebrated its 46th anniversary since its establishment.

17/07/2023 - 13:43
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Recently, the military hospital in the city of Taraz has celebrated its 46th anniversary since its establishment. Over these years, the hospital has seen the service of multiple generations of military medics, providing medical treatment to tens of thousands of servicemen. During present day, the hospital continues its mission, safeguarding the health of the defenders of the Motherland.

The word “Hospital” originates from the Latin word, which carries the meaning- “hospitable house”, hence, a “military hospital” is a hospitable house for the military. It welcomes all servicemen, from soldiers to generals, officers, and contract military personnel. Hospitality- is a distinguishing characteristic of military medics, as they provide due attention to every patient regardless of rank or insignia. Family members of servicemen are also permitted to treatement at the hospital.

The history of the Taraz Hospital dates back to May 23, 1977, with the directive from the General Staff of the Soviet Armed Forces. At that time, the 1028th Military Hospital was established based on a military construction detachment, with a permanent location in the city of Dzhambul. It was established to preserve the health of military personnel and their family members on the southern borders of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic (Kaz SSR). With the deployment of Soviet troops in Afghanistan, the military hospital took on the task of receiving and providing rehabilitative and restorative treatment for the wounded and sick servicemen arriving from field hospitals in Afghanistan.

In the early 2000s, the military hospital has received a “new lease of life” with the establishment of the Southern Military District. In November 2002, the Military Infirmary was renamed as the Military Hospital.

Having been created during the era of the Soviet Union, the military hospital has witnessed all the significant events of recent history: the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Kazakhstan's attainment of independence, the formation of the Armed Forces of the Republic, as well as the establishment of the Southern Military District, now known as the Southern Regional Command.

Today, the military hospital in Taraz provides specialised medical assistance to servicemen and employees of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as to the family members of servicemen in the Southern Region.

The military hospital is equipped with all necessary facilities to provide specialised medical care. Patient medical tests are meticulously examined in the laboratory, enabling doctors to select the appropriate treatment strategy. The outpatient clinic conducts consultations where patients are carefully examined, and prescriptions are issued accordingly. If treatment can be administered on an outpatient basis rather than in the hospital, the military pharmacy provides the available medications to servicemen free of charge.

However, if a serviceman's health condition requires hospitalisation, the surgical and therapy departments are ready to receive patients. Although the majority of those joining the military are healthy individuals, servicemen, like anyone else, can fall ill. Military medics are prepared to exert every effort to restore their health.

“For many years, our military hospital has been providing medical assistance to servicemen and their family members and remains ready to continue its work.”- Colonel Kambary Nazarov, the head of the military hospital in Taraz, proudly emphasizes. “Our military medics fulfill their military and medical duties day and night, in any conditions.”

As with any other medical institution, the day in the departments of the Taraz Military Hospital starts with rounds. This is how military medics determine their work plan for the day, directing some patients for injections and procedures while preparing others for surgery.

To his surprise, Sergeant Erlan Kabylbekov, a contract service platoon commander, even had the opportunity to have a conversation with the surgeon Farukh Imamaliev, right during his medical surgery: local anesthesia was used for varicocele surgery. Half an hour of conversation, and the patient was successfully operated on. Now, he only needs to recover and return to active duty.

Private Bektas Naskenov, a conscript from the 03811 military unit, originally from Petropavlovsk, dreams of returning to his assigned Lugovsky Garrison as soon as possible. He didn't plan on being admitted to the hospital, assuming that his cold and cough would resolve on their own. However, when the medics advise treatment, it is futile to resist.

“I thought I would just rest for a while in the sickbay of our military unit, but they directed me to the hospital for treatment,”- shares Private Bektas Naskenov. “The atmosphere here is good: warm, cozy, and the medical staff is friendly. I believe they will heal me quickly, and I can return to duty!”

Only the archival documents of the 46-year history of the military hospital in Taraz hold exact records of the number of soldiers that have regained their health here. Pvt. Bektas Naskenov will soon return to his unit, and the hospital will continue to admit new patients. Its legacy carries on. While successive generations of military medics will come and go, the mission remains the same: to restore the health of servicemen for the complete defense of the Motherland.

Preserving the history of the military hospital, honoring the names of all those who have worked here throughout the years, the medics of the Taraz Military Hospital confidently look towards the future, keeping pace with modern medicine. They proudly bear the title of military medics, understanding that they carry a dual responsibility: defending the Motherland themselves and safeguarding the health of servicemen.




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