Top 7 Best Light Tanks in the World

Leading nations around the globe are actively developing prototypes of light tanks.

17/08/2023 - 19:49

In the aftermath of the Second World War, there was a notable shift in the armament strategies of many nations. Light tanks were phased out of the standard equipment of most states. However, there has been a growing emphasis on reviving this category of weaponry in recent times., citing, presents an overview of the seven finest light tanks worldwide.

The Griffin Light Tank (USA)

In 2016, the American defense industry company General Dynamics unveiled the Griffin Light Tank, weighing in at 28 tons. It featured a 120mm XM360 gun, along with two M2 Browning machine guns and a 7.62mm M240. Subsequently, a version known as the Griffin II with a smaller caliber gun was developed, followed by a third iteration in 2018, where the introduction of a 50mm (XM913) gun reduced its weight.

Furthermore, the capacity to transport up to 6 infantry soldiers was incorporated. The Griffin is also equipped with the Iron Fist active protection system and the Switchblade drone defense complex. In 2022, the Griffin II Light Tanks were adopted by the United States military, with around 100 units ordered for the Marine Corps.

The "Sprut-SD" Tank (Russia)