Top 3 Myths about the Effectiveness of Bullet-Proof Vests Debunked

Tactical bullet-proof vests save the lives of thousands of military personnel every day.

28/06/2023 - 19:29

Correspondent at debunks top three most common myths about body armor.

Myth 1: Body armor protects against all injuries

When a bullet hits, body armor does not absorb all of its energy - a significant portion of the bullet's energy is transferred directly to the person. The severity of injuries can vary, depending on the power of the weapon from which the shot was fired, ranging from minor bruising and abrasions to internal organ damage and fractures.

Myth 2: Bullet trauma is more dangerous than direct wounds

A bullet impact is non-penetrating, which means it does not cause significant blood loss, increasing the chances of survival.

Myth 3: Body armor covers the entire body

Physically, body armor is unable to cover the entire torso of a person. Body armor must be comfortable to wear since soldiers often have to wear it for many consecutive hours, or even days.




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