New Weaponry Utilised by Israel

The new military tech is currently being tested out in the ongoing real-life scenario.

03/11/2023 - 16:00
Source: Globes
Source: Globes

In recent years, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have added several new types of military equipment, which are currently undergoing real-world testing in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and the northern border. Cutting-edge technologies were employed in the creation of this equipment, as reported by

One such example is the miniature quadcopter known as "Maoz," internationally recognized as Spike Firefly. This drone, produced by Rafael, is designed for targeting enemy combatants. These quadcopters fall into the category of loitering munitions, often referred to as kamikaze drones.

Upon takeoff, it detects enemy infantry concentrations and autonomously moves towards them. In September of the previous year, the IDF's Golani Brigade Special Forces used similar quadcopters during an operation in the Jenin refugee camp.

"Maoz" is intended for equipping each platoon or special operations group. The kit includes three quadcopters and a specialized tablet-based control system. In urban combat, a servicemember can launch "Maoz" and direct it precisely toward the enemy's cover.

Weighing just 3 kilograms, this drone can stay airborne for up to 15 minutes. Its operational radius is 500 meters, diving speed reaches 70 kilometers per hour, and warhead weight is 350 grams. The drone features a twin-rotor engine that generates minimal noise. It can be operated manually through the tablet or set to automatic mode with specific target coordinates. In the event of a canceled attack, it returns to its launch point.

Eitan – Armored Fighting Vehicle with Wheels

In contrast to other similar transport vehicles used by the IDF, "Eitan" doesn't employ tank-like caterpillar tracks; instead, it's a wheeled armored personnel carrier.

Thanks to an automatic wheel inflation system, these wheeled armored personnel carriers maintain mobility even after being hit by anti-tank weapons. They're equipped with powerful engines, with each of the eight wheels being driven.

"Eitan" weighs 30-35 tons and can reach speeds of up to 90 kilometers per hour. The crew consists of 12 individuals: a commander, driver, machine gunner, and nine combatants. The combat vehicle is fitted with a weapon and a heavy machine gun that can be controlled using a joystick from the cabin.

Each member of the crew has a 14-inch screen providing a view from the surround-view camera, capable of night vision. Additionally, "Eitan" is equipped with an active anti-tank protection system.

A prototype of the new armored personnel carrier was unveiled in 2016, and serial production commenced a year ago. "Eitan" had its baptism of fire on October 7, when soldiers from the Nahal Brigade engaged with terrorists who had landed by sea on the Zikim coastline.

Iron Sting Precision Mortar Munition

The guided mortar round "Iron Sting" with a caliber of 120 millimeters represents an innovative weapon developed by Elbit Systems to address the inaccuracy issues associated with conventional mortars. Recently, "Maglan" special forces used this munition for the first time in real combat situations in the Gaza Strip.

This guided munition functions like a guided missile and can be launched using a standard 120-millimeter mortar. The round can be directed at the target via laser designation (using ground-based targeting, drones, or aircraft) or GPS coordinates. Initially, the munition follows a ballistic trajectory after launch but, upon reaching a specific altitude, it deploys wings located at the rear, connected to an onboard computer. This computer ensures precise guidance of the munition to the target. In the air, the Iron Sting locks onto the laser designation or follows the GPS-set direction.

This type of mortar round is designed for striking stationary targets such as enemy rocket launchers, ambushes, and concentrations of enemy troops. Unlike traditional mortars that require adjustment, "Okez Plada" hits the target with the first shot. Its effective range extends to 8-10 kilometers.



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