"The Expected Outcome": Kazakhstani Expert on Why the US Did Not Approve a New Aid Package for Ukraine

The Republican Party in the Senate did not approve a $110 billion package for Ukraine and Israel.

07/12/2023 - 16:53
Source: Today.ua
Source: Today.ua

The aid package was blocked by Republicans due to the absence of compromise on immigration policy, which they were seeking in return. The $110 billion package included $61 billion for Ukraine, as well as funds for Israel and aid for Gaza. International relations expert Ilyas Baktygaliyev commented on the US Senate's decision specifically for Sarbaz.kz.

"It was an expected outcome, considering the internal sentiments in the US over the past six months. A significant portion of the American establishment has been lukewarm towards this conflict, especially after the failed Ukrainian counteroffensive, which had raised hopes among war proponents. Moreover, the volume of military aid has been repeatedly criticized by Republicans and, in one way or another, was subject to reduction."

According to the expert, another significant factor was the escalating conflict in the Middle East. Israel is a key strategic ally of the US, integral to America's foreign policy.

"In this regard, it's undoubtedly a higher priority than Ukraine. Yet, supporting both countries and dividing resources across multiple fronts is an unsustainable luxury even for a power like the US. During the conflict in Ukraine, Washington has already depleted significant stocks of its ammunition and new armaments. For instance, stocks of Stinger MANPADS, which had been accumulated for 13 years, have been used up, and it will take a minimum of 2 years to replenish them. At any moment, the situation in Taiwan could escalate, to which the US might simply be unprepared."

The necessity to stretch resources across several such strategic fronts in the future could mark the beginning of the end for the US. According to Baktygaliyev, Republicans understand this much better than Democrats. As evidence, a series of publications from leading American outlets in recent weeks expressed pessimism about Ukraine's military and political future. This indirectly indicated that comprehensive military aid would likely be scaled back and limited to insignificant offerings.

"Even Biden's emotionally charged speech, threatening NATO-Russia war if Ukraine is defeated, didn't help. For Ukraine itself, such a situation would imply the need for a ceasefire because assistance from the European Union alone would likely be insufficient even for defensive operations. As for Russia, it seems they too are ready for a temporary easing of the conflict."

Earlier, Sarbaz.kz reported that the US Senate blocked a military aid package for Ukraine. This occurred shortly after they failed to reach compromises on borders, which they sought in exchange. The $110 billion package ($87.3 billion pounds sterling) included $61 billion for Ukraine, as well as funds for Israel and aid for Gaza.








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