"The Keys to Jerusalem are in Washington": Daniyar Ashimbayev on Peace in Palestine

Israeli forces and members of the Hamas group are engaged in fierce battles both in the north and south of the Palestinian enclave.

12/12/2023 - 17:46
Source: AP News
Source: AP News

Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant stated on Monday that Israel does not intend to permanently stay in the Gaza sector, as reported by Sarbaz.kz citing VOA.

As per the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF), following the conclusion of active combat phases, the Israeli army is to prepare for several more months of war, during which pinpoint operations will be conducted. Preliminary plans include deploying another brigade within the Gaza division, responsible for the sector. This formation will function similarly to brigades in Judea and Samaria, conducting pinpoint operations against terrorists.

"Israel will take any measures to destroy Hamas, but we have no intention of permanently remaining in the Gaza sector. We only care about our security and the security of our citizens along the Gaza border," Gallant told journalists.

Defence Minister Gallant also stressed that the war will end once Israel achieves its objectives, regardless of international pressure.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized the Palestinian administration while addressing the Knesset:

"The difference between HAMAS and the PA is only that Hamas wants to destroy us here and now, while the PA wants to do it gradually," said the Prime Minister.

Netanyahu has repeatedly stated that he does not see the Palestinian administration as a viable option for governing Gaza after the war with Hamas, citing its indirect support for terrorism. Conversely, the Biden administration assumes that the "renewed" administration will play a central role in post-war Gaza.

The Hamas-run Ministry of Health reports that nearly 18,000 people, mostly women and children, have been killed during the Israeli aerial and ground offensive in the last seven weeks.

Additionally, on Monday, Israel's spokesperson Eyal Levy refuted information suggesting that Israel intended to push Palestinians across the border into Egypt, after Jordan accused Israel on Sunday of seeking to "cleanse Gaza of its people."

Jordan's Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi stated on Sunday that Israel is conducting a policy of displacing Palestinians from Gaza in a manner that aligns with the "legal definition of genocide."

"The Problem May Be Solved at the Level of Genocide" Political analyst Daniyar Ashimbayev believes that there are currently no prospects for conflict resolution based on the current parties. Israel stubbornly refuses to create a Palestinian state, while Palestinians consider Israel an occupier. Moreover, both sides vehemently reject all options for peaceful settlement.

"At the moment, the situation can only be resolved, roughly speaking, at the level of genocide by one of the parties. We must understand that to a large extent, Israel's existence relies on American military support. However, we see that while the resources of the US are considerable, they have limits," says Ashimbayev.

In terms of information propaganda, Palestinians are significantly winning over Israel. It's manipulation, but nevertheless, it's clear that with each instance of casualties in Israeli operations, it becomes a political factor severely limiting Washington and London's contributions to Israeli security.

"Furthermore, it has emerged that Hamas' attacks on October 7th showed that the potential of the IDF and Mossad were greatly mythologized, and quantity ceased to translate into quality. It's evident that the operation took quite a long time, but nonetheless, it exposed vulnerabilities in security," Ashimbayev remarks.

"Israel is heading for a collapse. A state built on the principles of theocracy and ethnocentrism doesn't allow for the civil development of Israel's non-Jewish population. This creates a conflict-ridden ground. And if there are 2-3 more conflicts that demand US resources, such as Taiwan or South Korea, then there won't be enough resources to cater to all. We already see complaints from Kyiv about how Western equipment went to Israel," emphasizes Ashimbayev.

The political analyst also criticized the US foreign policy, stating that the American leadership, to put it mildly, has shown a lack of strategic thinking in recent years.

However, until the US compels Israel to make concessions, disregarding the Jewish lobby, the conflict will remain at an impasse, eventually leading to Israel's downfall.

"Currently, the keys to Jerusalem are in Washington. The Biden administration is incapable of pushing for a resolution. And, as with Ukraine, everyone is waiting for the US presidential elections next year. Because after the elections, the situation might stabilize and provide some opportunities for normalization. And if that doesn't happen, everything will end with the fall of the US," concludes Ashimbayev.

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