A Unique Family Dynasty of Military Servicemen Resides in Karaganda

Major Sadykov- is a Third-Generation Officer

29/06/2023 - 14:22
Major Ernar Sadykov
Major Ernar Sadykov

Ernar Sadykov, a major in the medical service and the Chief of the Military Hospital in the city of Karaganda, is a third-generation officer. The profession of defending the homeland was a voluntary choice of his family, starting with his grandfather Begaidar Sadykov, uncle Askar Sadykov, father Erzhan Sadykov, and older brother Bauyrzhan Sadykov- all donning the epaulettes. Read about their military family dynasty in the article by Sarbaz.kz.

His grandfather, a participant of the WWII, has enlisted at the age of 16 and fought in the infantry. After being wounded in battles near Stalingrad and receiving treatment in a military hospital, he frequently assisted the medical staff, which led him to decide to save lives on the battlefield and become a field medic. He went as far as Vienna and Berlin.

For his displayed bravery, he was honored with numerous awards, including two medals "For Courage", two medals "For Military Merit", as well as the "For the Liberation of Budapest" medal, to name a few. After the war, he graduated from the Omsk Medical School in 1953. Our interviewee has followed in his footsteps.

Ernar Erzhanovich, representing the third generation of military personnel, pursued his studies at the Kazakh-Russian Medical University (KRMU) in the southern capital of Almaty (from 2004 to 2010). He received comprehensive training, including the military department. Subsequently, in 2011, he obtained specialised training as a surgeon in the internship program of KRMU, and in 2012, he underwent specialisation in trauma-orthopedics at Almaty State Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education (ASIPME). Notably, while still a student, he actively participated in the university's social life, becoming the founder and the first leader of the Republican Association of Medical Students of Kazakhstan, which continues to operate to this day. His father is a veteran of international military service and served as the Deputy Commander of the "South" Regional Command for educational and ideological work.

Meanwhile, his older brother has received education at the Military Institute of Ground Forces. Due to reforms carried out during that period, graduates of KRMU were commissioned as sergeants rather than lieutenants, which meant they were not eligible to command military medical units according to the staffing regulations. As a result, Ernar Sadykov was appointed as the temporary commander of the medical platoon in the 5th Mechanised Brigade of the Taraz garrison in 2012. At the time, it was led by the renowned commander Kuanyshbek Ushtaev, under whose leadership he embarked on his officer's path.

"I grew up in military towns, so I am well acquainted with discipline, soldier's life, and military order. My father taught me to be responsible and approach every task with demanding precision, encouraging a commitment to self-education. Many of my friends also came from military families. However, it was my time spent in the 5th Brigade to which I owe my development as an officer. I speak not only of patriotism but also of the ability to work with people, with subordinates. Brigade Commander Kuanyshbek Uskenbaevich Ushtaev was a uniquely exceptional person; all his decisions and actions were clear and calculated. His attitude towards soldiers, sergeants, and officers could be described as paternal; he was always ready to support with kind words and advice. Many of my comrades followed his example, and I was no exception," – recounts Ernar Erzhanovich.

The young officer still had the opportunity to participate in the first Military Parade held in independent Kazakhstan in 2013. Here, Ernar Sadykov was responsible for the medical support of a multi-thousand-strong military collective, which had been brought to the capital from various regions of the country. It is worth noting that this task was accomplished with honor and without any shortcomings.

In 2014, based on recommendations from colleagues, our interviewee was transferred to the clinic of the Military Institute of Ground Forces in Almaty, where he strived to improve his qualifications under the guidance of Colonel Saulet Kaldashev of the medical service, paying significant attention to practical work with patients. He then served at the Specialised Training Center for Communication (Military Unit 03825) in the settlement of Boralday- Ili District in Almaty Region, which is now practically one of the city's micro-districts.

“One could say that I have always been fortunate with my commanders. Medics always require practical experience. That's why, after my service and assignments, I sought opportunities at the Military Clinical Hospital in Almaty, where I had the chance to meet Col. Askar Marufov of the Medical Service. He is a combat officer who served as part of the Kazakhstani peacekeeping contingent in Iraq and has received government awards. He encouraged my aspirations and allowed me to assist during surgeries conducted at the hospital, including some rather complex ones (one of which lasted six hours). It was a valuable learning experience that introduced me to exceptional medical professionals in the fields of surgery and traumatology. Among my mentors, I can also mention Col. Yerzhan Smayil of the Medical Service, Col. Timur Oshakbayev of the Medical Service, Lt. Col. Abduali Paltushev of the Medical Service, and Lt. Col. Askar Rysbayev of the Medical Service, who facilitated my participation in various medical courses” – reminisced Ernar Sadykov.

Subsequently, he has served at the Military Clinical Hospital in Almaty, the Garrison Military Clinic in the southern capital, and the military infirmary in Usharal.

In 2017, Ernar Sadykov has monitored the condition of participants in the International Army Games, and a year later, he took part in the medical support for the annual Military Parade. The period from 2020 to 2022 proved to be the most challenging for the military medic as the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Alongside colleagues from other security forces, he worked as part of the operational headquarters of the city administration of Almaty to prevent the spread of the infectious disease. This involved establishing interdepartmental collaboration and coordinating all efforts related to city disinfection, vaccination of military units, law enforcement agencies, emergency services, and the civilian population, as well as developing quarantine measures. Officers worked tirelessly around the clock, barely seeing their families. Thanks to the unwavering and coordinated efforts of multiple agencies involved, the pandemic was successfully overcome.

The tragic events of January 2022 will never be forgotten in our country, the time when armed criminals took to the streets of the southern capital. For the swift evacuation of injured citizens from the areas of mass unrest and the courage displayed during that time, Ernar Sadykov was honored with the "Yel Qorghani" (Defender of the Nation) medal. He was then assigned to the city of Arys, where three years earlier an explosion occurred at an ammunition depot, posing a threat to the lives of dozens of servicemen who were still involved in the demining of the area.

Despite his busy schedule, Ernar Sadykov strives to find time for self-improvement. Over the past few years, he has been honing his English language skills with the support of the leadership, undergoing language training in Pakistan and Jordan as part of the interaction between the domestic defense department and similar foreign structures. Since February 2023, he has been heading the military hospital in Karaganda, paying special attention to equipping the healthcare facility with qualified personnel and modern equipment. He actively conducts career guidance work with students from medical educational institutions in the mining capital, encouraging them to pursue a career in the military. Together with his subordinates, he visits WWII veterans and the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, providing them with medical treatment and medication.

Kazakhstani military doctors celebrate their professional holiday on July 8th. Let us wish them good health and a clear and peaceful sky above their heads!

Author: Farkhat KINZHITAYEV

Translator: Abylay AUBAKIROV



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