Monuments to Kazakh Warriors: Countries Where They Stand Tall

The stories of our warriors' heroism are not only recorded in literature and scholarly records but are also immortalised worldwide.

25/07/2023 - 11:14
Source: Collage by
Source: Collage by has collected a list of countries, where Kazakh heroes of different eras are immortalised in the form of stone monuments


In 2018, a monument was erected in Olgiy city to honor the Kazakh warrior Khozhabergen Batyr Zhanibekuly from the Abak Kerey clan (1698-1783). Khozhabergen Batyr played an active role in trade relations between the Kazakh Khanate and China and was one of the banner-bearers of Abylai Khan's forces during the war with the Dzungars.



In 2006, at the initiative of the Turkish side, a monument to Kabanbay Batyr was unveiled in Istanbul. The project was designed by Azerbaijani sculptor Rugi. Kabanbay Batyr (1692-1770) was one of the military leaders who directly fought against the Dzungar invaders.


In 2005, a monument was installed in Sinelnykovo to honor Algaday Zhambylov, the son of Zhambyl Zhabayev. Algaday served as a machine gunner in the 19th Guards Cavalry Regiment. He bravely fought in the defense of Stalingrad and participated in battles in Ukraine, where he fell heroically in 1943.