A Nursery School Accountant in North Kazakhstan Region has Transferred Nearly 90 million KZT to her Personal Account

The state damage has been reimbursed.

05/08/2023 - 21:05
Source: Sputnik
Source: Sputnik

In North Kazakhstan Region, embezzlement of budgetary funds amounting to approximately 90 million KZT has been uncovered, as reported by Sarbaz.kz with reference to the regional anti-corruption service.

According to Sergey Perov, the head of the regional department of the Anti-Corruption Agency, the investigation revealed schemes of embezzlement of budgetary funds through unauthorised salary increments, various additional payments, and payments for work that was not actually performed.

For instance, an English language teacher in North Kazakhstan Region was unjustly granted additional payments exceeding three million KZT. The damage to the state budget has been repaid.

Furthermore, an accountant at the district department of education was found to have been disbursing salaries to "ghost employees." Another case involved a nursery school accountant who transferred approximately 90 million KZT to her personal bank account. The department has registered two criminal cases.



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