Two Village Mayors in Pavlodar Region are Given a Month to Relocate

Public servants are not residing in the villages entrusted to them

05/08/2023 - 21:07

The heads of two rural districts are not residing in the villages entrusted to them, as reported by with reference to

The situation came to light during a meeting between the regional akim (mayor,) Asain Baykhanov, and the heads of peasant farms.

According to Nikolay Miller, the head of the Abay LLP, the akim of Golubovsky rural district in Irtysh District does not live in Golubovka and is unable to promptly address the concerns of the residents. A similar situation was observed in the village of Sosnovka in Shcherbaktin District.

Asain Baykhanov demanded that the district akims conduct an investigation. He instructed the akims of the two rural districts to relocate to the specified villages within a month.

"Sort out all of this. I'm giving you a month to move, or we will hold new elections. How will they find out what's happening in their villages over the phone?" said Baykhanov.

In addition, the meeting addressed issues of low water levels, insufficient precipitation, and the risks of crop failure. Measures to support Pavlodar farmers were developed during the session.



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