Minister of Defense Ruslan Zhaxylykov Undertook a Work Trip to the Almaty and Konayev Garrisons.

The Minister has emphasised the importance of practical training. 

05/08/2023 - 21:19

Minister of Defense Ruslan Zhaxylykov inspected the activities of the Military Institute of Ground Forces, the Airborne Assault Brigade, and the Mountain Training Center, as reported by with reference to the Ministry of Defense website.

During his visit to the Military Institute of Ground Forces, the head of the Ministry of Defense had a conversation with prospective students, wishing them success in their exams and further achievements in their studies and service.

Additionally, the Minister heard reports from the institute's management on the state of the material and technical base, the faculty's composition, and the development prospects of the educational institution. General-Colonel Zhaksylykov added that the task of enhancing the intellectual capabilities of the Armed Forces, set by the President at the All-Army Meeting, largely depends on the level of military science, the content of educational programs, and the professionalism of the military educational institution's educators.

During his visit to the "Ili" training center of the Military Institute of Ground Forces, he noted that alongside strengthening the scientific component of the institution, close attention should be given to cadets' acquisition of practical skills.

"In the Mountain Training Center, the head of the defense department was briefed on the infrastructure development plan, which includes the preparation for the launch of educational and sports buildings, a shooting range, a climbing wall, and an obstacle course. The Minister visited the barracks, the dining hall, and other social facilities in the camp," said the ministry.

During his work with the Airborne Assault Brigade in the Konayev Garrison, General-Colonel Ruslan Zhaxylykov participated in practical training sessions with the tank crews of the T-72 tanks on water obstacles and underwater driving. At the water obstacle course, he inspected the sealing of the equipment and engaged in discussions with the personnel.

As a result of the trip, the head of the defense department issued several instructions aimed at improving the infrastructure of military facilities, enhancing combat readiness, and improving the social and living conditions for conscripted soldiers.




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