Winner of "Tolagai" Contest Awarded with 1 Million KZT

For the first time in Astana, a competition of the strongest "Tolagai" athletes took place, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the capital.

07/07/2023 - 23:57
Source: Astana City Administration Press Service
Source: Astana City Administration Press Service

The tournament, aimed at promoting the heroes of the Great Steppe and popularizing Kazakh ethnic games, saw the participation of 15 athletes from various regions of the country, as reported by, citing the official website of the city administration.

Following five rounds of competition, with a score of 120 points, the third place was secured by Adilet Nurgisa from Shymkent, who was awarded a prize of 400,000 tenge. With a score of 122 points, Faid Tenizbaev from Konyaev claimed the second-place prize and received 600,000 tenge. The grand prize was awarded to Azamat Makulbekov from Turkestan, who emerged as the winner of the "Tolagai" contest and received 1 million tenge.

The competitors engaged in five types of challenges: bending a 1.5-meter iron rod with their neck, dragging a 140 kg stone to a designated point, squatting with a heavy log weighing over 100 kg on their heads, towing a half-ton cart, and throwing a ten-kilogram spear over a distance.



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