Forest Fire Continues to be Suppressed in Zhambyl Region

04/08/2023 - 22:01

A wildfire that ignited on August 2nd in the Merke District of Zhambyl Region is still being battled, according to the press service of the Emergency Situations Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The dry forest caught fire in a mountainous area within the territory of the State Forest and Wildlife Protection Institution "Merke" (Aspara-Merke Forestry, 3-4 quarters), located 20 km from the village of Aktogan. The preliminary estimate from the forestry services s that the fire has affected an area of approximately 300 hectares.

The firefighting efforts are challenged by the complex terrain, difficult accessibility, and gusty winds. There are no reports of threats to populated areas or casualties. Since the start of the fire, 13 water drops totaling about 19.5 tons have been conducted by aviation. The firefighting operations involve the efforts of forestry personnel, Kazlesaviookhrana (Kazakh Forest and Wildlife Protection Service), local executive authorities, and the Department of Emergency Situations of Zhambyl Region, comprising a total of 270 personnel, 36 vehicles, and aviation support.



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