Streamlining Excessive Bureaucratic Procedures for Military Personnel

The initiative aims to streamline excessive bureaucratic procedures and enhance transparency throughout all processes.

28/07/2023 - 22:33

The "Military Personnel Cabinet" module, developed on the model of the E-gov service, is set to render operational tasks and document management more transparent. This was elucidated by Deputy Minister of Defence Darhan Akhmediyev at the Central Communications Service forum, as reported by

The Ministry of Defence has crafted the "Military Personnel Cabinet" module, akin to a personal dashboard on the Egov portal. This module empowers military personnel to access real-time information pertaining to their service, secure essential certificates, and submit official reports. Significantly reducing reliance on paper documents, this service eradicates redundant bureaucratic procedures.

Furthermore, conscripted soldiers will be able to access their evaluations via the system, which are requisite for educational grants post their service term.

Darkhan Akhmediyev highlighted that the current information system of local military command units and its progressively deepening integration with other government bodies pave the way for transitioning towards a digital format for all citizen-centric services. Such a transition promises heightened service accessibility and process optimization for military personnel.



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