"From a Bar to Barracks": Ministry of Defence Clarifies "Conscription Raids"

28/07/2023 - 18:43
Source: kzvesti.kz
Source: kzvesti.kz

The Ministry of Defence of Kazakhstan has provided insight into recent parental concerns regarding the apparent unannounced conscription of their children.

"By sending SMS notifications through the '1414' service, we are taking informative measures to ensure that citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan consciously come to the conscription centers. There, their health condition is assessed to determine their fitness for military service. As widely known, the heads of the conscription commissions are the deputy akims of districts, regions, and cities. Decisions are made collectively by the conscription and medical commissions," stated Major General Bauyrzhan Artykov, Chief of the Department of Organizational and Mobilization Work of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan.

As explained by the relevant department, the task of identifying individuals evading their military duty falls under the jurisdiction of the police.

"For instance, if a citizen is registered in the Turkestan region but is found within the territory of Astana or Almaty during the conscription process, efforts are undertaken to prevent evasion. Representatives of local military authorities, in collaboration with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, escort such individuals to assembly points," elaborated B. Artykov.



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