Naval Parade Took Place in Aktau

Residents and visitors of the city were treated to a display of military equipment and armaments by the Border Service.

19/07/2023 - 19:18

A naval parade commemorating the 30th anniversary of the establishment of maritime units within the Border Service of the National Security Committee (KNB) of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the 31st anniversary of the National Security Organs of the Republic of Kazakhstan took place in Aktau. This information was relayed by, citing the administration of the Mangystau Region.

Border patrol vessels paraded in formation along the coastline, accompanied by Mi-8 helicopter pilots from the KNB aviation. Attendees of the event had the opportunity to visit an exhibition showcasing specialised vehicles and equipment of the border service.

Members of special units demonstrated hand-to-hand combat techniques, while a group of K9 handlers showcased the apprehension of a simulated border violator using service dogs.

The regional governor, Nurlan Nogaev, extended his congratulations to veterans, officers, and staff of the KNB, highlighting the significance of the Republic of Kazakhstan's border service. He expressed gratitude to servicemen and their families for their service to the homeland, often in challenging conditions. Nogaev also acknowledged the presence of representatives from the Ural Ship Repair Plant "Zenith," which had constructed 30 ships that currently safeguard the country's maritime borders.



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