Day of Military Symbols Celebrated in Kazakhstan

The significance of the Day of Military Symbols on July 18th in Kazakhstan holds its roots in the signing of the decree "On Military Symbols of the Armed Forces" on July 18th, 1996.

18/07/2023 - 19:28
Source: Ministry of Defence of Kazakhstan
Source: Ministry of Defence of Kazakhstan


On July 18th, Kazakhstan observes the Day of Military Symbols. Delve into the significance of this date in the history of the Kazakhstani army and the role that military symbols play within the military by reading the article from correspondent.

Throughout history, military insignia has proven itself as an effective tool in fostering morale and combat spirit among servicemen. It has played a pivotal role in cultivating high moral qualities within military personnel while nurturing respect for the armed forces and their history.

Kazakhstan's military symbols encompass the emblem, flag, and ensign of the Armed Forces, as well as the flags of the Ground Troops, Air Defense Forces, Naval Forces, and the battle standards of military units. The central emblem of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan was formulated based on a star, with a golden eagle set against twelve rays. This emblem was created as a result of the 1996 decree.

In Article 8 of the decree, it is described that the emblem of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan features "an image of a five-pointed star with the outline of a sun and rays in the center, beneath which hovers an eagle." In full-color rendition, the emblem is depicted in two colors - maroon and gold.

The emblem's crimson star signifies continuity. It was with this very star affixed to their chests that our fathers and grandfathers battled against the enemy on the fronts of the Great Patriotic War. This legendary, battle-honored red star has remained etched in the memory of the people as a symbol of lofty aspirations and ideals. It also symbolizes security, prosperity, and homecoming.

In heraldry, the color red represents nobility and symbolizes a fighter's best qualities: strength, courage, valor, and bravery.

Following universally accepted principles for the development and application of symbols, akin to most armed forces worldwide, Kazakhstan's military symbols were a modification of national symbolism. The emblem of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan adheres to these principles.

Battle Standard

The primary emblem of the Armed Forces is reflected on the flags of different branches and regiments, battle standards, medals, badges, and armament.

The battle standard of a military unit serves as its emblem and is also a symbol of valor and glory. It serves as a reminder to every serviceman of the heroic traditions and sacred duty to protect their country. The standard is always with the military unit and on the battlefield, it is present in the area of combat operations.

The ensign hoisted aboard a ship serves as the battle standard of the vessel, symbolizing its national affiliation.

Military symbolism constitutes an integral element of patriotic upbringing. At its core are historical knowledge and military heraldry, which encapsulate a unique historical past, events, and eras lived by our ancestors.

Military symbols not only shape patriotism but also influence attitudes toward military duty. Notably, military symbolism is utilized during various ceremonial events aimed at bolstering the combat spirit of personnel, thus serving as a crucial factor in building a combat-capable army.



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