Kim Jong Un Calls for Preparation for "Offensive War"

Kim Jong Un has issued an order to commence military exercises utilizing state-of-the-art weaponry.

10/08/2023 - 19:54
Source: CNN
Source: CNN

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has dismissed General Pak Su Il, the Chief of the General Staff, and declared that the army should prepare for a "war in an offensive mode," as reported by, citing CNN.

General Pak Su Il has been relieved of his post as Chief of the General Staff, and Vice Marshal Lee Yong Gil has been appointed to his position.

Other "senior commanding officers" were either dismissed, transferred, or appointed during a meeting of the Central Military Commission on Wednesday, with no specific details provided, according to North Korean media.

Additionally, the military commission meeting emphasized the "thorough preparation of the army for war, considering the grave political and military situation that has developed on the Korean Peninsula," without naming specific countries responsible for this tension.

It is worth recalling that North Korea intensified its military rhetoric this summer, threatening to shoot down American reconnaissance aircraft and retaliate for the docking of an American ballistic missile submarine in a South Korean port. The country also increased its missile launches.

Moreover, during a parade held in July, Pyongyang showcased its new military technology, including the "Hwanson-18" missiles capable of reaching the mainland United States, as well as combat drones "Saesbyol-4" and "Saesbyol-9," which are analogous to the American MQ-4 and MQ-9.

Following the meeting, Kim Jong Un signed an order to initiate military exercises using cutting-edge weaponry.

Photo: Eurasian Times



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