Cadet of Military Institute Shares Experience of Independent Flight on Training and Combat Aircraft

Flights are conducted at the airfield in the city of Balkhash.

08/08/2023 - 20:01

Third-year cadets of the Air Defense Forces Military Institute have commenced flight training on training and combat aircraft. One of the cadets, Alihan Shangereev, shared his impressions with

An independent flight is a crucial milestone for every pilot. The initial 20-minute flight showcases the entire preparation of the future military aviator for a responsible task.

"The most nerve-wracking moment for me was the moment the main wheels left the ground, as you no longer hear your instructor who, up to that point, had been correcting your mistakes. The control of the training and combat aircraft is now solely on you. As the front wheel touched down, my confidence grew even more. I was very pleased, as I took another significant step towards my future," recounted cadet Alihan Shangereev.

Photo from the personal archive of Cadet A. Shangereev

The cadet of the Twice Hero of the Soviet Union T.Ya. Begeldinov Air Defense Forces Institute hails from Uralsk. The 21-year-old young man has always set himself the most challenging goals. In this pursuit, he chose an intriguing profession - that of a fighter pilot.

"As the Kazakh poet Tabyl Dosymov said: 'A steppe child doesn't grow looking at the mountains, a steppe child reaches for the sky...' " explains the future pilot.

The flights take place at the airfield in the city of Balkhash on L-39 training and combat aircraft. These aircraft have recently undergone a complete modernization in the Czech Republic. State-of-the-art instruments have been installed to enhance the flight quality. Their maneuverability has been simplified, as analog instruments have been replaced by digital ones.

In the coming months, the cadets can look forward to an engaging flight training program, where they will learn route flying in both simple and challenging weather conditions, as well as night flights.



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