Kazakhstani colleges have started issuing diplomas with QR codes

Diplomas for technical, vocational, and post-secondary education are now being issued with an added QR code on the document.

17/07/2023 - 13:35
Photo by bilimdinews.kz
Photo by bilimdinews.kz

This year, over 140,000 graduates will receive diplomas with QR codes, according to the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan's press service, as reported by Sarbaz.kz.

The implementation of automatic identification technology through QR codes will provide a dual level of protection for diplomas, effectively preventing potential counterfeiting and enabling employers to instantly verify the authenticity of the diploma.

Vice-Minister of Education, Aybat Ilyasov, has explained that the QR code contains essential information about the graduate, including their full name, the name of the educational institution, the year of enrollment and completion of studies, as well as details about the graduate’s specialisation, qualification, form of education, diploma series, and number.

By scanning the code, employers will be able to access the National Education Database (NODB) and verify the authenticity of the presented data.

Starting from July 6, 2023, diplomas for technical and vocational education issued from this year onward will also be available in digital format. Graduates will be able to obtain digital copies of their diplomas through the electronic government portal or the "eGov Mobile" mobile application.




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