Major Fire Breaks Out Near Marketplace in Almaty

Structural collapse is a looming threat.

12/08/2023 - 20:54
Source: Khabar 24
Source: Khabar 24

A substantial fire has erupted in Almaty in the vicinity of a marketplace, as reported by citing the Emergency Situations Ministry press service.

"On August 12th at 07:16 in the morning, a report was received regarding a fire in the Zhetysu District. 'Warehouses on Moskvina Street are ablaze. The city's emergency services are currently on-site and engaged in firefighting efforts,' stated the Emergency Situations Ministry.

At present, an operational command post has been established at the scene, and the fire is being extinguished across multiple sections. Specialists have noted that due to the unique characteristics of the building's structure, an elevated temperature has been observed. The potential for structural collapse is a pressing concern. In total, 25 firefighting units, 85 emergency personnel, and other city services are involved in firefighting operations.



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