Ruslan Zhaxylykov Meets with Uzbekistan's Defence Minister in Aktau

Discussions encompassed matters pertaining to the current status and future prospects of bilateral relations.

12/08/2023 - 21:01

Major General Ruslan Zhaksylykov and Lieutenant General Bahodir Kurbanov visited military facilities of the local garrison in Aktau, where the second stage of the joint operational-tactical special exercise "Kanzhar-2023" is underway, as reported by citing the Ministry of Defence's press service.

The ministers engaged in dialogues concerning the current state and prospective dimensions of bilateral relations in the domains of combat readiness, military education, and defense-patriotic upbringing.

According to the interlocutors, the collaborative execution of training and combat tasks during exercises contributes to achieving operational effectiveness, coordinated staff and unit actions, as well as mastery of novel forms and methods of combat.

The defense ministers of both nations underscored the existing potential for cooperation in the realm of military education.

Major General Ruslan Zhaksylykov expressed gratitude to his counterpart for the participation of the Uzbekistan Armed Forces' military orchestra in the International Military Music Festival "Astana – Cultural Melodies" and the representatives of the "Vatan Tayanji" movement in the youth defense-patriotic gathering "Aibyn-2023."

In concluding remarks, the representatives of the defense bodies highlighted the systematic implementation of established agreements and expressed confidence in the development and reinforcement of mutually beneficial collaboration.



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