Kazakhstani Woman Attacks Bus Driver with Knife in Seoul

The woman has been apprehended by Seoul police and taken into custody.

11/08/2023 - 22:11
Source: insight.co.kr
Source: insight.co.kr

A citizen of Kazakhstan has been apprehended by Seoul police for assaulting a bus driver with a knife, according to Sarbaz.kz, citing South Korean media.

On August 10th, a 50-year-old woman stood in front of a moving bus in the Gangnam district of Seoul. After the bus came to a halt, she attempted to break the windshield wipers. When the bus driver exited the vehicle, the woman lunged at him with a sharp object, presumably a knife. After the attack, she fled but was apprehended by the police within 11 minutes. The detained individual informed the police that she had halted the bus because the driver had refused to give her a ride like a taxi.

The bus driver received medical attention for cuts on his hands. The woman has been taken into custody, and an investigation is ongoing. Police authorities have confirmed that the detained woman is a citizen of Kazakhstan.

On August 10th, a South Korean court issued a verdict for two Kazakhstani individuals who had escaped from Incheon Airport in March. The court ordered them to pay a fine, after which they are required to leave South Korea.





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