Ministry of Defence Warns Kazakh Citizens of Military Equipment Deployment

The Ministry of Defence has issued an official statement.

11/08/2023 - 22:16

As part of the troop preparedness plan within the Armed Forces, combat training exercises are being conducted, as reported by, citing the Ministry of Defence.

"Units will conduct the transfer of military equipment via marches and rail transport to training grounds in various regions of the country, where they will carry out practical training and combat tasks," notes the ministry.

Specifically, tactical exercises and live-fire drills, including nocturnal operations, will be conducted at the training grounds. The cohesion and ability of units to fulfill designated tasks within specified timeframes will be evaluated, along with the training level of military personnel and the leadership skills of commanding officers in managing subordinates and attached units.

"In this regard, we kindly request citizens not to react to circulating rumors and to rely solely on official sources of information," the statement concludes.



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