Korean Court Sentences Kazakh Nationals Who Fled Immigration Police at Incheon Airport

10/08/2023 - 21:12
Source: overclockers.ru
Source: overclockers.ru

Two individuals from the Turkestan Region faced legal proceedings and spent nearly three months in a South Korean detention center after evading local immigration authorities at Incheon Airport, as reported by Sarbaz.kz.

The judicial process in South Korea has concluded for the two Kazakh nationals who, in March of 2023, fled from local immigration officials shortly after their arrival at Incheon Airport. Aged 19 and 20, the two Kazakh citizens were denied entry into the country upon their arrival. Consequently, they were placed in a designated area within the airport, from which they were scheduled to be repatriated to Kazakhstan. However, the young individuals opted not to wait for the scheduled flight and absconded from the airport through a window.

A search was initiated for the Kazakh citizens, and within twenty-four hours, one of them was apprehended by Korean law enforcement, while the second individual surrendered himself three days later. The violation of local laws exposed the two individuals to a potential prison sentence of up to three years. However, the court ultimately ruled to impose fines on the Kazakh nationals and deport them from South Korea.

The outcome of the South Korean court's decision was announced on Instagram by lawyer Meirman Shekeev, who provided legal representation for the Kazakh individuals.



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