Government Approves Comprehensive Development Plan for Stepnogorsk

This strategic document has been formulated with the objective of fulfilling the directives of the country's President and is geared towards addressing pivotal concerns related to social protection and enhancing the quality of life for the populace.

10/08/2023 - 21:17
Source: Vlast
Source: Vlast

The Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan has endorsed an all-encompassing socio-economic development plan for Stepnogorsk, covering the period from 2023 to 2027, as reported by with reference to the Prime Minister's official website.

The detailed plan encompasses 83 specific initiatives, spanning the construction of healthcare, education, and sports facilities, as well as the reconstruction of engineering infrastructure. It is further oriented towards fostering the development of the real sector of the economy, industry, agriculture, small and medium-sized businesses, and the creation of employment opportunities.

To implement this plan until 2027, an allocation of approximately 107 billion tenge is envisaged, including over 62 billion tenge from private investments. The major portion of the budget (58.3 billion tenge) will be directed towards the modernization and enhancement of vital infrastructure, encompassing 23 projects. An integral component is also the plan for a major overhaul of the thermal power station, with funding drawn from private sources.

According to the plan's projections, by 2027, the volume of industrial production in the city is set to reach 550 billion tenge, with the manufacturing sector contributing no less than 70%. The agricultural sector is also expected to witness a 10% increase in gross output.

Considerable attention within the plan is devoted to employment matters, particularly among the youth, and addressing the shortage of skilled workforce within enterprises. In the healthcare sphere, augmenting human resources is envisaged through the establishment of a medical college and the execution of a comprehensive renovation of the central urban hospital.

Furthermore, the plan encompasses environmental initiatives, including reducing emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere and enhancing the accountability of industrial enterprises in adhering to environmental standards.

As per the plan, the proportion of roads in good and satisfactory condition is projected to increase from 74% to 90% within the stipulated timeframe.



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