Mass Poisoning in Karaganda: Six Children Remain in Critical Condition

Three children have been discharged from the hospital

07/08/2023 - 21:45

According to the Health Department of the Karaganda Region, the discharge of three children is planned following a mass poisoning incident, as reported by

Meanwhile, six children are in stable critical condition in the intensive care unit. In the neurology ward, three more children are being treated. Their conditions are stable and show no signs of deterioration.

"A total of nine patients, with two in the pediatric hospital's intensive care unit and the remaining seven in the infectious disease center of the regional clinical hospital," the statement reads.

Last week, 12 children from a social services center were affected by a mass poisoning incident. All of them were adolescent boys from the same group, "Kuanysh." One 13-year-old boy tragically passed away. The General Prosecutor's Office has initiated an investigation under Article 304, Part 2 of the Criminal Code for "Violation of Sanitary Rules or Hygienic Standards Leading to Severe Consequences."



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