Efforts to Address the Consequences of Explosions in Arys Continue

Kazakhstan's military sappers disposed of 2 million munitions in Arys in 2022.

07/08/2023 - 21:48

Following the tragedy of the ammunition depot explosion in Arys in 2019, Kazakhstani sappers continue their work in searching for and neutralizing explosive objects within the city and its vicinity. Shedding light on this process for Sarbaz.kz, Battalion Commander of the Demining Unit in the 19033 Military Base, Lieutenant Colonel Bakhyt Abdullaev, elaborated.

"Our battalion persists in the search, identification, transportation, and disposal of explosive objects located within the technical territory of the arsenal. Materials are sorted into scrap metal and explosive components. Subsequently, these materials are transported 60 km away from the city and safely detonated at a specialized range," Bakhyt Abdullaev explained.

According to Abdullaev, approximately 2 million explosive objects were located and neutralized solely in Arys and its vicinity in 2022.

"The sapper battalion in Arys receives assistance from the Demining Center of the Kazakhstani Armed Forces' 19033 Military Base located in Konyaev. Through collaborative efforts last year, approximately 2 million explosive objects were successfully neutralized. The work continues unabated in accordance with the plan and orders of Kazakhstan's Minister of Defense. Notably, no incidents have occurred during this period," Abdullaev shared.

Photo: Bakhyt Abdullaev

On June 24, 2019, a fire erupted near the city of Arys at an ammunition depot. The blaze led to the detonation of part of the munitions, causing significant damage as they scattered into the city. The city's residents were promptly evacuated, and both military personnel and a local resident lost their lives.



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