People Stuck in Karaganda Park

An incident occurred involving a power transmission line malfunction.

06/08/2023 - 22:19
Source: ekaraganda
Source: ekaraganda

At the Central Park of Karaganda, the Ferris wheel came to a halt while people were riding on it. The stoppage was due to a power transmission line malfunction of TOO "Karaganda Zharyk," as reported by with reference to

Officials from the Parks and Recreation Department provided a statement:

"Due to the power transmission line malfunction in the Central Park, there is no electricity. As a result, the Ferris wheel attraction has ceased operation. The attraction operators manually rotated the attraction to allow visitors to disembark. Currently, there is no one on the attractions. Electricity is also unavailable in certain parts of the city," the department stated.

According to TOO "Karaganda Zharyk," a technological disruption occurred. Consumers on streets such as Yermekov, Anzherskaya, Lipetskaya, Academic, Kramskoy, Chkalov, Badin, Amanzholov, Gogol, and Botanical were left without power. An emergency team is addressing the disruption.



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