Memorial Plaque Unveiled in Semey to Honor Forest Management Employees Who Perished in Fire

14 forest management workers lost their lives while extinguishing a fire.

04/08/2023 - 22:27

A memorial plaque was installed in the "Semey Ormany" reserve to commemorate the forest management employees who tragically perished during a fire. A minute of silence was observed to honor their memory, as reported by with reference to the official website of the Ministry of Ecology of Kazakhstan.

The memorial plaque was unveiled by veteran forest manager, Master of the Forest at the Central Forestry Novoshulbinsky Branch, Alexander Reshetin.

"In order for future generations to remember and appreciate the labor, the arduous and perilous work of preserving and protecting forests, and to ensure that the heroism of our firefighters and foresters is not forgotten, we have erected a commemorative memorial plaque bearing the names of our colleagues who lost their lives while defending the forests and people from major fires. Life is the most precious thing a person possesses. No one and nothing will be forgotten. With profound sorrow, we recall the tragic news of the loss of our colleagues. Their memory will live on forever," said Asemgul Nsambekev, Acting CEO of the State Forestry and Hunting Economy Entity "Semey Ormany."

On June 8 of this year, a large fire broke out in the "Semey-Ormany" state forest reserve in the Abai Region. Approximately 60,000 hectares of forest were engulfed in flames. During the fire suppression efforts, 14 employees of the Novoshulbinsky Branch of the State Forestry and Hunting Economy Entity "Semey Ormany" tragically lost their lives.



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