Passing of "Dos-Mukasan" Musical Band Member Mourned

News of the musician's demise was shared by the band's founders

04/08/2023 - 22:29

Alexander Litvinov, a member of the "Dos-Mukasan" band, has passed away at the age of 75, as reported by with reference to the band's official Instagram page.

"Last night, at the age of 75, Alexander Mikhailovich Litvinov passed away. He was one of the founding members of our ensemble and a drummer. The 'Dos-Mukasan' ensemble extends its deepest condolences to his children, family, and loved ones. He will remain in our hearts as the most sincere, kind, honest, responsive, and bright individual! May he rest in peace!" – the message reads.

The "Dos-Mukasan" ensemble was founded by Dosym Suleev, Murat Kusainov, Kamit Sanbaev, and Alexander Litvinov (the name of the ensemble derived from the initials of its members: "Dos" - the leader Dosym Suleev, "Mu" - Murat Kusainov, "Ka" - Kamit Sanbaev, "San" - Sanya (Alexander) Litvinov). The official date of the ensemble's formation is August 1, 1967.





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