The "Golden Man" Could Find a Home in the Louvre

 Objective: Transform the Artifact into a National Brand

29/07/2023 - 22:49

The National Museum of Kazakhstan intends to include the relic of the "Golden Man" in the list of artifacts for an exhibition in Paris, as reported by citing "Kazinform."

The "Golden Man" stands as both a symbol of the country and a highly valuable relic of Kazakhstan.

"Previously, an international exhibition project titled 'The Journey of the Golden Man Through World Museums' was implemented in 12 countries. The objective was to establish the artifact as a national brand. As part of Kazakhstan's national exhibition at the Louvre Museum in France in 2026, the 'Golden Man' and other historically significant items from the museum will be submitted to the artifact selection committee," stated officials from the National Museum of the country.

Furthermore, the Minister of Culture and Sports, Aksuat Oralov, announced efforts towards organizing a National Exhibition of Kazakhstan in Paris. The upcoming exhibition at the Louvre Museum, planned for 2026, is a component of the project "Cultural Code of Kazakh Steppe Civilization." The exposition will encompass a period from the 4th millennium BCE to the mid-19th century. The foundation will be comprised of authentic rarities from the collections of several museums in Kazakhstan, with the project's oversight undertaken by the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan.



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