Founders of Financial Pyramid “Antares” Sentenced in Astana

Damages equated to over 200 million KZT

29/07/2023 - 23:01
Source: Sputnik
Source: Sputnik

The interdistrict criminal court of Astana has handed down convictions to the creators and leaders of the financial pyramid Antares for illicitly soliciting funds from citizens totaling over 200 million tenge. This information has been reported by, referencing the press office of the capital city's court.

The court established that from May 2020 to July 2021, defendant B initiated the creation of the Antares financial pyramid and jointly managed it with I.

Over 200 million tenge were solicited into the financial pyramid, constituting a "particularly large amount," resulting in 33 Kazakhstan citizens across various regions of the country falling victim to the fraudsters' actions.

In accordance with the court's verdict, B and I were found guilty of creating and leading the financial pyramid (Article 217, Part 3, Point 2 of the Criminal Code). B has been sentenced to six years and six months, while I has been sentenced to five years and six months of imprisonment, with a prohibition from holding executive positions in financial organizations.

The verdict has not yet come into legal force.



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