Over 50 Settlements in Abai Region Vulnerable to Earthquakes, says Head of Emergency Situations Ministr

The Minister of Emergency Situations, Sarym Sharipkhanov, held a meeting with the population of the Abai region.

20/07/2023 - 23:39
Source: Yvision.kz
Source: Yvision.kz

During the meeting, the head of Kazakhstan's Emergency Situations Ministry focused on matters of seismic safety in the region, as reported by Sarbaz.kz, citing the department's press service.

"More than 50 settlements in 8 districts of the Abai region are prone to earthquakes: Semey city, Ayagoz, Abai, Borodulikha, Zharmin, Kokpentin, Urjar, and Aksuat districts. These populated areas are home to over 450,000 people," the statement read.

Sharipkhanov stated that seismic detectors have been installed in the villages of Karauyl and Besterek, and an extensive regional map of seismic zoning has been developed.

"There are 7 seismic stations operating across the region. Annual seismic drills are conducted to educate the population about earthquakes, with over 750 conducted this year," highlighted Sarym Sharipkhanov.

The Minister of Emergency Situations addressed the region's leader, emphasising the necessity of conducting an inventory of housing facilities and registering objects for subsequent seismic reinforcement.



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