Nearly 13,000 Employees of Environmental Protection Services in Kazakhstan to Receive 100% Salary Increase

The Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan has issued a corresponding resolution as part of the implementation of the Head of State's directive to improve their working conditions.

14/08/2023 - 23:50

Starting from July 1 of the current year, employees of Kazakhstan's environmental protection services will receive a 100% salary supplement to their base pay, as reported by, citing the press service of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The wage increase will apply to 12,876 workers. Taking into account this raise, the average base pay for specialists will range from 101,000 to 320,000 tenge, depending on the position held and years of service.

The adopted document stipulates additional compensation for work involving life and health risks. Specialized organizations responsible for wildlife conservation, forest protection and regeneration, state forest protection, among others, are included in the list of entities with special working conditions.

"It is anticipated that this measure will help reduce the outflow of skilled personnel and enhance the overall attractiveness of the service," the Government's statement noted.



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