"Afghan-style" Landing: Military Expert Highlights Kazakh Pilots' Courage

The uniqueness of special operations undertaken by the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan to evacuate individuals from conflict zones has been elucidated by an expert.

14/08/2023 - 22:01
Source: NSC RK
Source: NSC RK

In a feature by Sarbaz.kz, retired General Zhyentay Sandybayev detailed the modus operandi and maneuvers employed by Kazakh military pilots during flights into conflict zones.

A graduate of the Krasnodar Higher Military Aviation School, Z. Sandybayev served in various capacities from a pilot to squadron commander. He expounded upon the distinctive attributes and elevated skillset of military pilots, citing the humanitarian operation "Zhusan" as an example. The operation involved the Kazakh Armed Forces participating in the repatriation of Kazakh citizens from the combat zone in Syria.

"In executing approaches and takeoffs, a specific landing technique is employed – the 'Afghan-style' landing approach. This differs from a standard approach in that the aircraft descends at a high rate of speed. The pilot must maneuver the aircraft to rapidly lose altitude, preventing adversaries from locking onto the plane and launching an attack," elucidated military aviator Zhyentay Sandybayev.

The maneuver itself resembles a zigzagging movement of the aircraft. This technique finds its merit in regions where non-state actors operate independently of official authorities, yielding a perpetual high-threat environment.

Photo: from the personal archive of Z. Sandybayev

"Through this, our pilots exhibit genuine courage and professionalism. While executing this element, the slightest deviation can spell the difference between a successful landing and potential mishap. The pilot could either crash, fall short of the intended destination, or overshoot," General Sandybayev noted.



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