Brothers in Arms: Twin Brothers from Taraz Simultaneously Assume Artillery Command Positions

A remarkable story involving Kazakhstani officers has unfolded in Taraz.

28/06/2023 - 11:33
Source: Personal Archive
Source: Personal Archive

Twin brothers were simultaneously appointed as commanders of artillery batteries, as reported by correspondent.

A new chapter in the military careers of the Toleugaziev brothers, officers of the 5th Mechanized Brigade of the Regional Command "South," began when they were both appointed as commanders of artillery batteries. The officers shared their joy for this occasion, as they have done with many other events in their lives. The reason for their shared happiness is simple: Sungat and Merkhat Toleugaziev are identical twins.

The Toleugaziev brothers bear a striking resemblance, nearly indistinguishable from each other. They have the same height, a fit and slender build, and hold identical military ranks as lieutenants. Six years ago, the twins made the same choice: they both decided to enroll in the Military Institute of Ground Forces to become artillery specialists. Even this decision was predetermined by their earlier choice to attend the "Zhas Ulan" military school in Almaty two years before university.

"We have always made and continue to make decisions together," says Sungat Toleugaziev. "We consult with each other, discuss and analyze. The first significant decision we made together was to enroll in the military school “Zhas Ulan” named after Baurzhan Momishuly in Almaty during our senior years of high school."

At the age of 15, when they made this decision, the boys understood that they would be far from home, without their parents and beloved younger sister. However, their desire for independence was stronger. They did not hesitate in the face of their next choice: to pursue higher education at a military university. It is worth noting that the brothers approached their studies so diligently from the first year that they firmly secured positions among the top cadets of the Military Institute of Ground Forces upon graduation.

In Kazakhstan, there is a noble tradition of honoring the best young officers with recognition from the country's President, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief. The Toleugaziev brothers had the privilege of receiving this honor as both of them graduated with distinction. They received their red diplomas from the President himself. It was another significant event in their lives, shared between them, binding them not only by blood but also by this common achievement. Sungat, by the way, had the opportunity to speak before the President.

After completing their military education, the brothers were assigned to serve in the city of Taraz, in the 5th Mechanized Brigade of the Regional Command "South." They have successfully applied the knowledge gained at the university in training their soldiers. Due to their striking resemblance, their subordinates would often confuse them.

"We did confuse them in the beginning" – Private Atabek Adilbekov admits. "But then we started to tell them apart. If you pay close attention, you can find differences in their gaze, voice, and stride. Now we no longer mix them up."

Two years after graduating from the military university, the twin officers were appointed to their new positions. Their workload increased nearly fourfold, with more subordinates and greater responsibilities. However, their comrades have no doubt that the brothers will continue to fulfill their command duties as successfully as before, as they have long proven themselves as worthy officers and competent specialists.

"I studied with them at the Military Institute of Ground Forces," –shares their comrade, Senior Officer of the Artillery Battery, Lieutenant Nuralim Yeltai. "They always helped me in my studies, and they continue to assist me now. As officers, they are knowledgeable, intelligent, well-read individuals, and as people, they are polite, cultured, and honorable. Moreover, they are reliable comrades and excellent friends."

The parents of the young officers, who reside in Urjar, Abai District, are filled with even greater joy and pride for their achievements, along with their comrades.

"Since childhood, Merkhat and Sungat have shown themselves to be active boys; they excelled in everything," – says the mother of the Toleugaziev officers, Kamshat Koilakova. "They participated in all school clubs, attended sports sections, and competed in various competitions. Their teachers still remember them fondly and say that they were and remain the best students! Our sons are our pride!"

The Toleugaziev brothers intend to continue their efforts to gain experience and professionalism, supporting each other along the way. Although they understand that future military service may eventually separate them into different military units and regions, they are prepared for it.

"We are ready to find ourselves in different military units and regions someday," – Merkhat Toleugaziev shares. "But we will never lose our bond as brothers!"

In just a few days, Sungat and Merkhat Toleugaziev will experience another significant event in their service: they both will be awarded the rank of "Senior Lieutenant". This, too, will be a momentous occasion in the life of any officer, and the brothers will equally share their joy, as they always do.



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