Initiation of Basic Military Training Course for Unemployed Youth

A pioneering initiative of the Ministry of Defence is underway in Almaty, focusing on the education of unemployed youth.

15/08/2023 - 22:52
Source: MoD of RK Press
Source: MoD of RK Press

For the first time, the Ministry of Defence is implementing a project aimed at fostering military-patriotic values among the youth, alongside providing a professional training course for unemployed young Kazakh citizens. This development is reported by, citing the press office of the defense authority.

The initial phase of instruction, encompassing 30 young individuals, has culminated at the "Iliysky" training ground. Participants have undergone a curriculum centered around fundamental military training, delving into aspects of marksmanship, tactical exercises, and elements of formation discipline. During practical training shooting sessions, servicemen of the 61993 Airborne Assault Troops unit showcased weaponry models and conducted firing exercises from infantry fighting vehicles.

According to Deputy Director of the Almaty branch of the Military Technical School and Reserve Colonel Amanat Userbaev, upon the completion of the basic military training course, trainees will proceed to acquire proficiency in the core technical specialization of gas and electric welding.

As highlighted by the department, this program is being executed in collaboration with the Military Technical School of the Ministry of Defence, Almaty branch, and the 73652 unit. These activities are carried out with the support of the Almaty Youth Policy Administration and the corporate fund "Almaty Student Alliance."



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