Remains of Kazakhstani Soldiers Who Perished During WWII Found

The collaborative efforts of Kazakhstani and Russian search teams in locating the remains of fallen soldiers continue.

16/08/2023 - 21:47
Source: Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Russia
Source: Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Russia

A ceremony took place at the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Russia, located in Moscow, for the transfer of the remains of Kazakhstani warriors who lost their lives during the Great Patriotic War (World War II). This report is cited from the official website of the diplomatic representation by

These remains were discovered in the Tver Region by search groups "Generation's Memory" and "Front Roads." The identities of the soldiers were established through the preserved identification tags found in their possession. They are Philipp Parasenko, born in 1903, from the Almaty Region, and Ivan Surnin, born in 1913, from the North Kazakhstan Region. Both perished in 1942 during the bloody Battle of Rzhev.

Kazakhstan's Ambassador to Russia, Dauren Abaev, emphasised the nation's remembrance and reverence for the memory of fallen ancestors and expressed gratitude to the search teams for their noble mission.

"You have accomplished a great deal already, and I believe you will continue to contribute to the restoration and preservation of our shared historical memory of our people's heroism during the war," he underscored.

The Chairman of the "Atamnyn Amanaty" Board, Murat Moldagaliev, shared that over the course of five years, the association has managed to ascertain the fate of over 2,500 Kazakhstani war victims who had been listed as missing in action. He reported that the relatives of Ivan Surnin have been located, while those of Philipp Parasenko are still being sought. The soldiers' remains will soon be repatriated to Kazakhstan, where they will be interred with full honors.

Oleg Dagurov, Deputy Commander of the "Front Roads" search detachment, remarked that there is no greater joy for a search team than discovering a named identification tag. During the commemorative event for the fallen soldiers, a requiem service was held in accordance with Christian traditions.



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