500 Conscripts Benefit from Preferential Education and Enroll in Kazakhstani Universities

Upon completion of military universities, graduates will be awarded the initial military rank of "lieutenant."

17/08/2023 - 18:59
Source: MoD of RK Press
Source: MoD of RK Press

In the military universities of the Ministry of Defense, the document submission deadline has been extended until August 26, as stated on the website of the relevant department, reported by Sarbaz.kz. For other universities, documents can be submitted until August 25.

As of today, around 500 soldiers who completed their mandatory service in the army this spring have enrolled in civilian universities. Among them, 158 have been admitted for free education funded by the universities, while 340 are pursuing paid education without the need to pass entrance exams and Unified National Testing results.

Within the framework of the project by the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, grants and benefits are provided for conscripts to pursue higher education. The online platform "Conscripts 2.0" displays all conscript soldiers and their performance evaluations throughout their service period. They are evaluated based on their level of combat training mastery, discipline, execution of special tasks, and psychological state. The system automatically ranks soldiers based on their final assessments and allocates them to universities. Around 1,500 conscripts received grants for Kazakhstani universities in June of this year. Notably, this competitive selection process involved 12,548 soldiers.

Young individuals opting to master military specialties are presented with a unique opportunity to enroll in one of the country's military universities.

At the Military Institute of Land Forces, within the management in military affairs field, officers for motorized infantry, tank, airborne assault, reconnaissance, missile troops, and artillery are trained. In the logistics field, cadets learn about material-technical, rear, food supply, clothing, and missile-artillery equipment support. Training is also organized in the fields of "engineering support in military affairs," "NBC protection in military affairs," and "social and ideological work in the military community."

The Military Engineering Institute of Radioelectronics and Communications prepares specialists in radio navigation, radio technology and engineering, automation and info-communication technologies, information security systems, and cyber security.

The Aktobe Military Institute of Air Defense, named after the twice Hero of the Soviet Union Talgat Begeldinov, produces specialists in "flight operation of aircraft," and "aviation technology and technologies." Additionally, military doctors are trained at the West Kazakhstan State Medical University named after Marat Ospanov.

Upon completing military universities, graduates will receive a diploma of higher education, and they will be granted the initial military rank of "lieutenant."



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