Measures Taken to Prevent Domestic Violence in Kazakhstan

The 2023-2024 Action Plan will be finalised by the end of August of the current year

17/08/2023 - 19:11

The Kazakhstan government has proposed five systemic measures to prevent domestic violence within the country. This was conveyed in an official statement released on the Prime Minister's website following a meeting chaired by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Labour and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Tamara Duisenova. The gathering included deputy heads of central state bodies and the Ombudsman for Children's Rights, Dinara Zakiyeva, as reported by

The action plan for revising the policy on domestic violence prevention, strengthening legislation to protect the rights of women and children, and promoting family values includes the following points:

  • Preventive measures (identification of families and individuals in complex situations and their initial rehabilitation);

  • Infrastructure expansion: secondary and tertiary rehabilitation, reintegration;

  • Human resource provision;

  • Legislation;

  • Information and awareness campaigns.

Over the past year, Kazakhstan has reported 70 cases of domestic violence resulting in fatalities, along with an additional 214 instances of severe physical abuse. Nonetheless, experts believe that official statistics do not entirely reflect the true extent of violence within families, considering this type of crime as one of the concealed forms of misconduct.

The plan of activities for the years 2023-2024 will be finalised by the end of August of the current year.



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