The Full Might of the Naval Fleet: Kazakh Naval Forces Celebrate Their 30th Anniversary

In Aktau, celebratory events commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Kazakh Naval Forces took place with grandeur.

18/08/2023 - 19:14
Source: Naval Forces Press Service
Source: Naval Forces Press Service

A ceremonial parade of military units and a naval vessel procession unfolded in Aktau, marking the 30th anniversary of the Kazakh Naval Forces, reports's correspondent.

As the residents of Aktau gathered along the waterfront, they witnessed an impressive procession under the command of Rear Admiral Saken Bekzhanov, the Commander-in-Chief of the Naval Forces. On the water, missile-artillery ships like the "Kazakhstan," "Oral," "Saryarka," and "Mangistau," along with the mine countermeasure vessel "Alatau" and the hydrographic vessels "Tabigat" and "Zhayyk," showcased their splendor. Through a dramatisation of a real naval battle, they demonstrated their maneuverability, including the landing of naval infantry onshore and the coordinated attacks by the naval vessels.

The city's inhabitants were captivated by the spectacle. The event also hosted dignitaries, including veterans of the Kazakh Naval Forces, the First Deputy Minister of Defense and Chief of the General Staff of the Kazakh Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Marat Khusainov, the Akim of Mangistau Region Nurlan Nogaev, and Kazakhstan's first cosmonaut and Hero of Kazakhstan, Toktar Aubakirov.

Extending his felicitations to the servicemen on this anniversary, Lieutenant General Marat Khusainov emphasised the critical importance of safeguarding Kazakhstan's maritime borders. He highlighted that the Kazakh Naval Forces remain at full combat readiness, poised to counter any threats.

The evening culminated in a grand concert presented by the Central Ensemble and the Central Military Orchestra of the National Military-Patriotic Center of the Kazakh Armed Forces. The festivities reached their zenith with a celebratory naval salute.

Accompanied by Kazakhstan's first cosmonaut, Toktar Aubakirov, veterans of the Kazakh Naval Forces also laid wreaths at the Eternal Flame in Aktau. Additionally, the occasion witnessed the unveiling of a new combat cutter that has been added to the naval fleet.



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