For the first time, master's degree students from Iran and Korea have been awarded diplomas by the National University of Defense

Military-political cooperation stands as one of the priority areas in Kazakhstan's interstate relations.

20/07/2023 - 11:46
Source: MoD of RK Press
Source: MoD of RK Press

A solemn graduation ceremony for officers from the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Korea, who completed their master's degree program, was held at the National University of Defense, as reported by with reference to the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan's press service.

Foreign military personnel, Colonel Abdi Hossein Abadi Javad (Iran), and Major Yun Jinwook (Korea), have completed the one-year course at the "General Staff Academy of the Armed Forces" faculty, specialising in "Strategic Management in Military Affairs."

Major Yun Jinwook has expressed his gratitude to the leadership and faculty of the National University of Defense:

"I am proud to have undergone training at the flagship of military education in Kazakhstan and to be the first graduate from Korea. The training was enriching and productive. Moreover, I got acquainted with Kazakh traditions. I would especially like to acknowledge the hospitality and warmth of the Kazakh people," - the military officer states.

Col. Abdi Hossein Abadi Javad plans to apply and transfer the knowledge acquired in Kazakhstan to the cadets of the military department where he teaches upon returning to his homeland.

Acting Chief of the National University of Defense, Colonel Aidar Berdibekov, has emphasised that, no matter how advanced an army and its weaponry may be, the key factor in ensuring the security of a state is human capital, and highly skilled personnel.

"One of the priority areas of Kazakhstan's interstate relations is military-political cooperation. The sphere of military personnel training is a crucial factor in ensuring effective interaction and development of allied relations between our countries. Today's graduation of officers is a tangible confirmation of this,"- Col. Aidar Berdibekov.




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