The Autumn Draft Campaign has commenced in Kazakhstan

In accordance with the President's Decree, the draft campaign for military service is to commence on September 1st.

02/09/2023 - 00:33
Source: MoD of RK Press
Source: MoD of RK Press

The draft campaign will run until December 31st. There are 195 urban and district draft boards operating under the local executive bodies, as reported by, citing the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan.

The ministry emphasised that the current draft features increased transparency. This is achieved through the participation of representatives of the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers and the public in the draft commissions.

"This autumn, more than 19,000 individuals will be subject to the draft. Over 8,000 will be called up to the Armed Forces, 6,000 to the National Guard, 3,000 to the Border Service of the National Security Committee, and 300 each to the State Security Service and the Ministry of Emergency Situations," the statement reads.

The preparation and drafting of citizens for compulsory military service is an ongoing process. From the moment citizens are assigned to draft boards by local military authorities, systematic assessments are conducted on those subject to the draft. This process involves not only reviewing the documents of the conscript but also practical interactions with the young person.

Prior to the draft campaign, instructive and methodological sessions were held in all regions under the guidance of deputy akims (mayors) of regions, cities, and districts who head the draft commissions.

Currently, the registration and deregistration of conscripts and draftees are done automatically when there is a change in residence.

Furthermore, the issuance of certificates of assignment to draft districts and military tickets to citizens who have not served in the military will be discontinued shortly.



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