How is the Health of Military Personnel Monitored in the Army?

When necessary, specialised medical professionals from military clinics and hospitals are engaged to examine and treat military personnel.

11/09/2023 - 23:12
Source: MoD of RK Press
Source: MoD of RK Press

The quality of military training for service members greatly depends on their state of health, and as such, the task of maintaining and enhancing their health is under constant supervision by unit commanders and military medical specialists, as reported by, citing the Ministry of Defence of Kazakhstan.

"From the very first days of their service, medical specialists closely monitor the health of recruits. Soldiers undergo initial medical examinations, including X-ray diagnostics, laboratory tests, and assessments by specialists in various medical fields. Conscripts receive comprehensive medical check-ups every six months. Soldiers with health deviations receive treatment under the supervision of military unit doctors. If necessary, they are referred for examinations and treatment to specialized specialists in military clinics and hospitals. In cases of acute and chronic illnesses, injuries, or poisonings, they are directed to outpatient or inpatient treatment. It is worth noting that military hospitals in Astana and Almaty offer a full range of medical services, including high-tech medical procedures," the agency's statement noted.

Additionally, apart from treating acute illnesses, planned surgical interventions are also carried out in the military for chronic conditions. Conscripts may also receive therapeutic, surgical, orthopedic, and orthodontic dental care. Furthermore, military personnel can seek medical care from civilian healthcare facilities within the framework of the Mandatory Social Health Insurance (MSHI) and the Guaranteed Volume of Free Medical Care (GVFMC) systems.

To receive medical care, the individual identification number (IIN) of the enlisted personnel is registered in the "special person registry" of the MSHI fund. Consequently, soldiers gain "insured" status, granting them the right to access medical care within the civilian healthcare system throughout their military service.



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