Kazakh Military Personnel Receive Demining Training for UN Missions For the First Time

Accredited by the United Nations and holding a certificate for conducting such training, Kazakhstan achieved a significant milestone last year.

12/09/2023 - 11:32

Within the premises of the Konayev Garrison's Demining Center, Kazakh military personnel have conducted an international course titled "UN Demining Division Principles." This initiative falls within the framework of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan's efforts to develop and expand its peacekeeping activities, as reported by Sarbaz.kz.

Eleven military personnel participated in the training course, including one from Saudi Arabia, two from the People's Republic of China, and eight from the Kazakh Armed Forces. Kazakhstan obtained accreditation and certification for conducting such training from the United Nations last year.

"The Demining Center of the Kazakh Armed Forces is conducting a course on explosive ordnance disposal for UN missions. This course is being held for the first time after receiving accreditation from UN experts. Military personnel from China and Saudi Arabia came to Kazakhstan upon the invitation of the Kazakh side. This course serves as a foundation, and in the future, the Demining Center plans to enhance this course in all aspects concerning demining on a global scale," stated Lieutenant Colonel Bakhyt Abdullaev, the course's chief and the EOD UN unit commander (Military Unit 19033).

The course's objective is to prepare specialists in the disposal of explosive ordnance for peacekeeping operations. During the training sessions, military personnel studied the structure, objectives, tasks, and principles of UN demining units, the philosophy, comprehensive support, and cooperation, as well as the legal frameworks of peacekeeping operations. In addition to the theoretical aspects, a cultural and recreational program was organized for international military personnel, including visits to Medeu and Shymbulak.

At the conclusion of the course, all participants successfully passed the examination on the covered material and received internationally recognized certificates. Experts from the Demining Center consider these sessions as the starting point, with future plans to expand the basic course to a global scale.



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