Autumn Draft: 577 Residents of Mangystau to Be Called Up for Service

The autumn draft for mandatory military service has commenced in Mangystau. 

11/09/2023 - 12:08

This season, 577 draftees from the region will be called up, as reported by, citing the press service of the Akimat (local administration) of Mangystau Region.

The first group of 31 recruits is being sent to the Border Service of the Committee of National Security of the Republic of Kazakhstan, located in the Almaty region.

According to the Akim (governor) of Mangystau Region, Nurlan Nogayev, military service is essential for every citizen of Kazakhstan, as it carries the responsibility of safeguarding the country's borders against potential threats.

"Military service is the duty of every citizen of Kazakhstan, vital for acquainting oneself with military aspects and ensuring the defense of the Motherland against potential threats. It is a noble mission for each of us—to preserve the land we have inherited from our ancestors and pass it on to future generations. We need to strengthen our Armed Forces to ensure the security of our land on land, in water, and in the sky," emphasised Nurlan Nogayev.



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