How the Ministry of Defense's Memorandum on Procurement of Domestic Military Equipment is Implemented

12/09/2023 - 16:18
Source: MoD of RK Press
Source: MoD of RK Press

The Ministry of Defense has successfully implemented 60% of the terms of the memorandum for the procurement of "Arlan" armored vehicles. This significant achievement was highlighted in a statement released by the Ministry of Defense, as reported by

The memorandum between the Ministry of Defense and the Kazakh company TOO "Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering" for the procurement of military equipment was signed in 2017. The agreements are being carried out according to the timelines specified in the document, as stated on the official website of the Ministry of Defense.

"It is noted that the plant was constructed in 2015, the first delivery of 'Arlan' vehicles was made in 2016, and the memorandum was signed in July 2017, which envisages the purchase of 274 units of 'Arlan' wheeled armored vehicles and 106 units of 'Barys' by 2030," the statement emphasises.

As of today, the Armed Forces have 138 "Arlan" armored vehicles, including 110 with combat modules and 28 without combat modules. However, the "Barys" vehicle model has not passed field tests.

"The memorandum stipulates that the equipment can only be purchased after passing military trials. As for the 'Barys' armored vehicle, it has not undergone operational military testing at present. The factory is addressing the deficiencies," the Ministry specified.

The Ministry of Defense has repeatedly emphasised that the primary criterion for procuring military equipment is compliance with specified tactical and technical requirements. Meanwhile, the manufacturer disrupted deliveries of 10 transport units for the coming years because a new-generation "WSE" combat module was installed on the "Arlan" armored vehicle. This model has not been officially accepted for service according to the established procedure.

"In addition, none of the vehicles produced by TOO 'KPI' are capable of crossing water obstacles by swimming, engaging enemy armored objects at long distances, operating during the thaw period, and in mountainous terrain due to low cross-country capability and stability," notes the Ministry of Defense.

TOO "Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering" is the largest enterprise in Central Asia for the production of modern wheeled armored vehicles. The manufacturer obtained the necessary technical and technological documentation for the production of armored transport from the Paramount Group in South Africa. The world's best armoured steel plates were purchased by the company in Sweden. At the plant near Astana, they cut armored plates, bend armored steel to create the bottoms of armored vehicles, conduct lathe-milling machining, weld armored capsules, perform treatment for the adhesion of vehicle coatings, paint, and assemble them.



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